ALL CHURCHES ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL…!!! Trust in God…not Cult’s that could care less about your Life…or Love in God…

10 Churches You Might Want to Avoid

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Churches come in all shapes, sizes, and sometimes even beliefs. But these 10 characteristics might just suggest churches to avoid!

In Revelation 2-3, the Bible gives us some descriptions of a church that might have lost its way. Although the Bible also mentions positive things that these very same churches were doing, so they weren’t all bad. This is an important idea to remember because no church is going to be one hundred percent perfect; after all, they are run by humans.

Be wise and be aware, but before you leave any church, take some time to evaluate your own motives. Any problems that you see might be a result of your own perception and not really issues at all. Your inclination to avoid a particular church may be valid, but it could also be your own pride thinking you deserve better. Always check yourself and your motives.

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Still, certain characteristics may be a good reason to go elsewhere:

Churches To Avoid 1: Lost Its First Love

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The Church of Ephesus lost its first love. I believe that this means they had forgotten the heart of the Gospel-God’s love for repentant sinners. They worry over the politics of running a church instead of sharing God’s love. Gaining numbers in money and attendance becomes a prime concern.

The love of God is a pleasing aroma to anyone seeking it. Preach it and people will come. You don’t have to bend over backwards to please the congregation.

Your first love is the reason you desire to do good for others. Christ’s love should always be your motivation.

Please See the Truth of OUR religions….I pray on Saturday to the Lord….NOT SUNDAY….

Follow Gods Words Not Men of Idealology…that think they can change the words of OUR God…

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