The Blindness of BREEDING Ignorance


The difference is that we, the USA, invaded them and destroyed their infrastructure, their economy, and killed maybe as many as one million people. Should they be angry with us? Of course! Another thing is that this guy is speaking for all Iraqis? He’s one dude talking to one dude. My suspicion is that in this time of pandemic, they’re not so different that us. They aren’t thinking about killing some stupid yoked numb nutz. They’re just trying to survive a deadly virus. Now, should we have a travel ban? Of course! It makes good medical sense. But there is not a single good reason to make this about religious bigotry and hatred. The hate and suspicion that we evoke is mostly justified. This is all about keeping people from getting infected; nothing more, nothing less. Keep it simple. Don’t muck things up with dumbfuckery!
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OHHH there you Go thinking Again…Shut Up and Get back in Line…This is America…Stop Looking around and Talking so Loud… Put your Blind fold Back on…Wait we have a ( PROGRAM ) for you to attend…to stop that Damn Questioning…These are Blood thirsty Savages….with out Buffalo sitting on Allot of Oil..Starving to death in the Dirt…Half of them don’t have cars so they don’t need the Oil….anywayssss….We are doing them a Favor…Look at all the table scraps we are giving them…I bet they won’t even Thank Us for letting half of them die with this Virus..Then the’ll Have twice as Much….SEE How Ungreatful these Peasants are that we ARE HELPING THEM……!!!… OUR Whole Country IS IN A Delusional FOG Brother….and KARMA….will apply soon…Lord Have Mercy…on his Judgement of Blind Ignorance…
While you are Blowing Smoke up everyones Ass-ets….You Might want to Look into Targeting,,Stalking,,and Torchier…in MY USA…
“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands,((( ONE NATION UNDER GOD ))), indivisible, with liberty and justice for all,” ….
OHHH Thats right we don’t say those subversive words here any More….or how about these…???
I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and *** DOMESTIC ***; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation ((( or purpose of evasion ))); and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. SO HELP ME GOD… !!!
My VOW TO GOD is not for sale…at any Price…
I really Hate to Complain after they killed My Mother to cover up stealing Stocks and Bonds…and killed my 3 Dogs and then sold me Rotten food at the Super Market…and the Stolen 50,000 in Pension Money But they told me its OK I can Pay it Back…The $300,000 in theft and Vandelizing and Destruction of My Business…Along with altered Court Documents and DMV records….With assaults by the Police and Hospital Staff and a 20 mile force March home after they disabled My Vehicle at the Hospital….in below Zero whether in a T shirt with Strobing and Beatings all the Way….But I guess Being such a Filthy animal like ME that LOVES GOD and would help everyone for Free…and Doesn’t ask for 20%…Should Learn to Hate his neighbors and Caring People..and Poison them..with Devils Breath(a drug)……like I have been …..After all I should appreciate the Medical neglect since 2012…….and the Yeast infection I had since 2016 that drained Mucus into my lungs and Drowned me ever night waking up choking ,And when I woke up every Morning Cough for 3 Hours to get My Lungs Clear RIGHT….???…After all the detective told me when they showed up so I could file reports on the Vandelizm and Robbery and then arrested me for not going to the probation building I was beaten at again when I only had one appointment left and Begged the P.O. the day Before that agreed to a Home visit and Never Came..TOLD ME IT was MY fault RIGHT…???…THAT CCAP was wrong and I have another year of Probational TYRANNY…So if I want to Move they can TRACK ME to MY NEW LOCATION..and the Letter from DMV and phone call to them was Wrong I wasn’t eligible for a drivers License….But 3 realitor’s later since 2016 that refuse to call me Back or do anything I said So I could Leave THIS ABUSE…They told Me if I would take 1/3 of what its worth for My retirement it would sell…..But hey with the Hacking of My Phones and Computers…and Non stop drain of my accounts and deliveries taking 3 months if they even show up….At least they are letting me pay back the $280,000 at $1,700 a Month…I Need to lose weight anywaysss…That Eating is just for the Privileged in this Country..Right…4 different law firms,,,, FBI,,,,2-VA regional offices,,,,,Local Law Enforcement,,,Sheriffs department,,,Detectives Department,,,,Governor,,,,CIA,,,,VFW,,,,and Many Many,Many,,others….,GOOD thing they Fired My $20,000 dollar attorney and Hired a Friend…for another $5000 out of My accounts….and that I did 3.5 instead of the Jail…I was suppose too on the Plea Bargain….BUT WHO’S COMPLAINING…..NOT ME….AS THE SAYING GOES….GOD DON’T LIKE UGLY….I don’t Lie, Cheat, or Steal…..And My Integrity and MORALS are Not for Sale AT ANY PRICE…….They need to get rid of  Disgusting Caring Compassionate GOOD PEOPLE LIKE ME IN THIS COUNTRY……..SO SPITTING ON THE LOVE OF MY TRUE GOD IN THE CHURCH I LEFT BECOMES A GOOD THING AGAIN…RIGHT….????….IF ONLY I COULD OF BECOME A BETTER HATER IN THE CHURCH I WAS ATTENDING… THIS WOULDN’T BE HAPPENING TO ME….
Never Give Up,Never Surrender…ALL(men)…

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